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Fierce, Fall, Fashion!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Well sort of, the Holidays are probably the most wonderful time of the year. But if you love Fashion and you love Fall…it can be the most wonderful time of the year. If you are like me, you look online for the latest jackets, boots, accessories etc. I put together, via Pinterest some of the hottest looks for fashion. Take a look!!

Do regular women dress fancy?

All of the stunning and not so stunning looks that appeared at the Met gala, has me wondering, do regular women dress as fancy? Honestly I love all the fashion shows, award shows, music shows, show shows..but really I never see the average woman walking down the street in a backless leather dress. Maybe that’s the fascination with celebrities and their clothes. Since they get to attend all the awesome events (some of us regular people get to attend fab events as well though) they get to play dress up in some unique looks.

As for us regular women, even though we don’t get to dress up in free Tom Ford or Versace dresses, we deserve 2 thumbs up for still trying to keep it fab in our busy, regular life!!

 Tis the season to start shopping (I know 2011 is flying by) I was at the mall and all the Christmas decorations and music are already playing! So if you are an app person and you want the best bang for your buck. Here are a few suggestions for the best shopping apps!

1) The Amazon mobile app lets your search for items via barcode, text or picture.

2) Coupon Sherpa, the coupons come directly to your iPhone. You just search for the store and the coupon’s app will do the rest.

3) If you prefer going to the mall and not shopping online, use the app fast mall, it provides maps of the mall so that you make a plan and know exactly what stores you are going to hit!

4) ShopSavvy woo hoo, you can scan barcodes using your phone and compare prices. It’s awesome!

5) What’s a list without some mention of Google? Google shooper is another app, if you are obsessed with finding a great deal, try this app.

There are thousands of apps but these are just a few of my favorites..happy shopping. I wear a size…

Why are the Redskins losing??

So no one can really answer that question, apparently not even the players themselves. Let’s think about this and break it down. Could it be that the owner has doomed the team by being the owner? Could it be that some say the name is racist against Native Americans, have they put a curse on the team? Could it be the players are local celebrities even if they still have a losing season so they don’t need to really try? The questions go on and on. For all the Redskins fans that have waited and longed for a winning season, for all the re-made hip-hop songs about how the Redskins will win each week, for all the fans that are ride or die even when the team loses at home to one of our NFC rivals, cheers to you for being a true fan and although I started asking Why are the Redskins losing..I changed my mind and decided to give a tribute to the die hard Redskin fans..we have endured so much now we want a freakin winning season!!! be sexy or not?

I read a post that said Nicole Ritchie is asking girls to not dress slutty for halloween!

Blank Stare..really?? Isn’t that the only time that any of us will get to see a woman dressed like a crayon walking around in 6 inch heels? I actually think that the sexy, slutty costumes are fine as well as the creative costumes. People should wear what they want! Sorry Nicole..I think you lose on this one!! I’m going to be a slutty pirate…just kidding but either way..have fun everyone!

NBA-will they ever figure it out??

To all the sports fans, yes the NBA resumed talks Wed, Oct 26. So what does it all mean? Nada if there isn’t a season this year. (yes I know that’s an old picture but he is still one of the greatest that ever played) So now we just wait and watch football and see what’s up with the NBA talks. I’ve never seen people who talk so much and don’t have a resolution, 6 yr old pre-schoolers accomplish more! Get over it and bring on the basketball season.

I’m leaving you!!!

 Good for J. Lo for leaving Marc! If what she says is true, he basically wasn’t treating her right and she loved her self enough to leave! Back in the day many of our parents believed that you had to stay together for the kids no matter what. But now adays does that or should that “rule” still apply? She pulled an “I’m still Jenny from the block,” move!!Take a look at J. Lo discussing why she left at:„20514797,00.html

Are you ugly???

Ok that’s a not so nice title, are you ugly? LOL!! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? I stumbled upon this article in the that asked is J. Lo too pretty for Marc Anthony? So do people really still walk around saying or thinking “how did she get him, or how did he get her”? If they are together chances are they were initially attracted to each other, so even if peope think Marc Anthony or Jay-Z aren’t hotties, apparently J. Lo and Beyonce do. To read about ugly people go to:

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL…YEAH BABY!!!

Finally, football!! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear my Jersey and talk trash to other fans! Since I’m from the DC area I’m a diehard Redskin’s fan, but it does baffle me that so many Dallas Cowgirl fans are from the DC area and have never been to Dallas but that’s a discussion we shall have when they play during the regular season. Anywho, pre-season starts Aug 11 and the regular season starts Sept 11. I’m anxiously awaiting!!! I think even Atheist were praying for football to commence!

Redskins kick of their preseason playing the Steelers Friday 8/12 @ 7:30 pm at FedEx Field

To check out the full schedule of all NFL teams go to:

Beyonce! “It sucks to be you right now.”

You have to give it to Beyonce, her new hit “Best thing I never had,” is a great anthem. I’m sure many of us can relate to the words… “Thank God I dodged a bullet.” Really! It’s a great song and Bey looks awesome!! So in honor of everybody that has said at one point in their life.. “It sucks to be you right now,”’s the video!!